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Models are fragments of the world depicted in a reduced scale. With their help, you can show both the physical world and the one that exists only in the imagination of the creator. However a refined model can aspire to be a work of art, it is almost always used as a tool thanks to which:

  • tourists can view the monument from a different perspective than during the tour and better understand monument’s structure,

  • the creators of new projects can see nuances, which can’t be seen on computer visualizations and make necessary corrections,

  • owners and investors can get a tool to promote both existing facilities and new investments.

In the process of creating models, we use 3D design and printing in combination with traditional modeling techniques. This combination allows us to optimize the cost of producing the model and offer you an attractive price.

How we make models:

  • We create a computer 3D model of the object based on the documentation (floor and vertical projections), our own measurements and photos. Depending on the purpose of the model, the model can be simplified or very detailed.

  • We print the model using high quality materials, which ensure correct shape and high durability of the model.

  • We paint the miniature by hand, and we protect the finished coat with varnish. We also use other surface finishing techniques, e. g. in the construction of castle model.

  • We model the area around the object, reflecting its sculpture and development. We make plants, roads, sidewalks, street lamps, rocks, ponds and other elements in accordance with the original.

  • We assemble the elements of the model and make a display case.

We make the following types of models:

  • models of monuments (palaces, castles, churches, monuments of secular architecture),

  • models of houses,

  • conceptual models,

  • monochromatic models,

  • industrial models,

  • miniatures of buildings with a removable roof and furniture or other equipment inside,

  • models for school final works

    We offer complete models, as well as their components.

At the customer’s request, we place the model in a display box. We carry out orders throughout Poland and other EU countries.

If you want to receive an offer, please send an inquiry to info@wiorama3d.com or use the inquiry form.

Our offer also includes hand-painted miniatures of historic buildings made in a smaller scale (from 1: 500 to 1: 200). Miniatures of size from a few to more than a dozen centimeters can make an original souvenir or gift. We can make such miniatures together with a large model of your object. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our miniatures in the photo gallery.