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3D designing consists in creating or modifying 3D models using specialized computer software. It is difficult to find a branch of industry which doesn’t use CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques. Most of the products used by people have been designed using a computer. Among them is the monitor you are looking at, the mouse you are holding, your car and many more. 3D designing also came to the world of entertainment and art. They are used to create animated movies, special effects, characters for computer games and even sculptures.

Our offer includes:

1. Conceptual design of products and other parts and their assemblies

If you have an idea for a product and need help in its development, we are at your service. We will create 3D model of your product and deliver it to you in one of the popular CAD file formats or as a 3D printout. Thanks to this you will be able to assess the functionality of the product, discuss it with your team and make changes to the project. In case of assemblies, you will be able to evaluate the construction for ease of assembly.

If you are an artist or modeler, we will help you to realize your work by doing a part difficult to create with traditional methods. If you are a student, we can help you complete your final work or other project.

2. Reverse egineering services

We can make a 3D model of any object on the basis of:

  • physical object or its fragment,

  • photos and dimensions of the object,

  • sketches or technical drawings,

The 3D model of your product can be delivered in one of the popular CAD file formats or as a 3D printout. Thanks to the use of reverse engineering it is possible to create a replacement for the damaged part. If this part can be made of plastic, deliver it to us and we will reconstruct it and print a new one.

3. Creation of technical documentation

On the basis of 3D models, we can create 2D technical drawings and provide you with a communication tool between constructors, technologists and machine operators.

We can provide you with technical drawings at every stage of work on your project. You can also order technical documentation as a separate, not related to other services, project.